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The most populous city in the state of Alabama, Birmingham is home to roughly 210,000 residents. Founded in 1871, Birmingham was born when three smaller farming towns merged, and went on to become one of the south's main industrial centers, earning it the title of "The Magic City. Today, Birmingham is known as the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama, with many museums, performance venues, and it's lively Southside neighborhood.

As the state's largest city, Birmingham has an economy that's strong and diverse. A center of finance in the state of Alabama, Birmingham is home to at least two major banks.The latter half of the 20th century brought the presence of bio-tech and medicine to the city, which now accounts for some of its largest employers. Once a major heavyweight of steel production, manufacturing has been and remains important to the city's economy, and many of the nations largest steel producers still operate within the city.

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Typical used Gaylord Boxes in Birmingham, Alabama

2 Wall - $9
5 Wall - $13
4 Wall - $11.53
3 Wall - $12.5

Gaylord Boxes near Birmingham, Alabama

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