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Sell Your Cardboard

Let us handle your waste cardboard.

  • Free Removal
  • Cardboard Recycling Services
  • Routine Scheduled cardboard Pickups
  • Brokered Sale Services
  • Drop Trailers
  • Local Distribution Services
  • ZERO transportation costs
  • Payment methods include check, ACH, credit card, Venmo, etc.
  • We will pick up all of your cardboard, and PAY YOU FOR IT!
Sell your used Bulk Cardboard

Verde Trader will work with you to create an environmentally and economically responsible program.

Sell used bulk cardboard for cash TODAY!

Verde Trader is interested in buying your used gaylord boxes. Get an estimate now!

Free Pickups
Verde Trader will pay the cost of Freight! So you don’t have to
1 On 1 Support
Our expert team will know how to handle your totes. We got you!
Easy Payment
Companies with excellent containers will be awarded for their totes!

Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I start selling my bulk cardboard?

To sell your cardboard, you must first fill out the cardboard form. We are interested in learning what type and volume of cardboard you produce within your waste stream.

Who do we buy cardboard from?

Manufacturers of all sizes, recyclers, and pallets brokers

How do I get paid for my waste cardboard?

Payment is net 30 to all our vendors, but the circumstances vary from one to another. Providing us with terms allows us to better serve you.

What is the minimum I can sell?

In order to determine the minimum amount, we need to know how you are currently processing your cardboard. It is important to know whether the cardboard is loose, palletized, baled, or compacted.

What type of cardboard do you purchase?

Gaylord Boxes, Cartons, Slip sheets, Baled OCC, Boxes, Box Board, Loose cardboard and much more!

How fast can you remove my cardboard?

Cardboard waste is picked up usually within 5-7 days. While we can remove your cardboard by tomorrow, we may not be able to offer you the maximum rebate.

How much is my cardboard worth?

Cardboard’s value is affected by several factors, including its condition, how it’s packaged, and its location. An account manager will contact you to discuss this after receiving pictures of your cardboard.

Do we provide other services?

We are a reuse company, so if there are any other items in your waste stream such as pallets, IBC totes, slip sheets or bulk bags let us know! We’d be happy to help find a second life for more of your waste.

Start Selling Your Cardboard Now!


How does it work?

Let us handle your bulk cardboard.

  • 1
    Fill out the form above!
    Fill out the form above with your company information to begin the process.
  • 2
    Confirmation Call
    Once we have received the necessary information, we will contact you to complete the process. We will discuss pricing and pallet volume over the phone.
  • 3
    We will arrange for the cardboard to be picked up by an independent transport company or by the customer once we confirm the pallet specifications. We will e-mail you the Bill of Lading and the Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • 4
    Payment & Inventory Check-ins
    Following payment, we will contact you regularly to coordinate future pickups. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.
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