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    Situated along the beautiful Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee is an awesome city for more than a couple reasons. Considered to be the birth place of rock and roll music as well as blues, jazz, hip hop and gospel, Memphis is historically a very important city for American music. Not only that, Memphis is considered to be on of the centers of the civil rights movement, and is even home to the Smithsonian's National Civil Rights Museum.

    Memphis's location on the Missisippi has allowed the city's economy to thrive on a number of fronts. With the advent of modern rail and interstate highways , the city's economy grew exponentially after the Civil war, and today Memphis is the largest producer of both cotton and lumber within the United States. A range of products are produced in the Memphis area, from durable goods such as automobile parts, medical and surgical equipment to food and paper products.

    If you're looking to save on Gaylord Boxes in the Memphis area, you have come to the right place. Verde Trader connects you with 11 vendors near Memphis with pallet boxes available in a range of sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses, all available for pickup or delivery. Whatever your pallet box needs are, Verde Trader can help you get the bulk bins you're looking for-- at an average price of just $12.65. Reach out for a quote today and star saving on Gaylord Boxes.

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