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    Capital of the great state of Georgia, Atlanta is loved by all those lucky enough to visit or live there. Famous for its vibrant culture-- delicious food and great music, as well as its significance in the civil rights movement, Atlanta is a city rich in history and excitement. Home to over 6 million residents, Atlanta has something to offer to everyone.

    Atlanta's economy is diverse; the city is home to some of the largest most profitable corporations (Coca Cola, UPS) as well as many small independent businesses. Historically a railroad town, logistic operations have been and remain important to the city's economy. Its airport is among the busiest in the world for passenger and cargo traffic. Many products are produced in Atlanta and Georgia at large; namely agricultural products-- peanuts, pecans, tobacco and cotton are all huge in Georgia.

    If you're looking for used Gaylord boxes in the Atlanta area, Verde Trader has got what you need. Our 20 vendors near Atlanta offer bulk bins in a variety in shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses to meet your shipping needs, not to mention they're all available for delivery or pickup depending on what works best for you. Plus, our Gaylord boxes have an average price of just $12.35 a box. So reach out to and start saving on Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

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