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Nashville was first founded in 1779 and has a very rich history, having played an important role in the events of the Civil War. Affectionately called Music city by its residents, Nashville is also known as status the heart of American country music. Home to many colleges and university, Nashville earned the nickname "The Athens of The South," and is truly one of the gems of the region.

Though Nashville is known for the abundance of music that comes out of the city, the biggest business in the area is actually healthcare. That said, many other industries including manufacturing are at play in the region, which was designated the 3rd fastest growing economy in the United States in 2017. Though processed foods are at the top of the list in the state of Tennessee in terms of manufacturing, the Nashville area also produces a significant amount of automobile and high-tech parts.

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5 Wall - $13
4 Wall - $11.53
3 Wall - $12.5
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