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    Frisco, Texas is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is located just 25 miles from Dallas. The city is home to a population of roughly 200,000 and has been consistently counted among the fastest growing cities in the country. The economy of Frisco is varied, and includes area manufacturers that produce goods ranging from medical equipment to processed food products and beyond.

    We Offer Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Verde Trader makes buying pallets a very simple process due to the years of effort we've put into collecting pallets, partering up with other companies, and optimizing our shipping/logisitics process. With us, you'll enjoy low prices, high quantities, and the best customer service in the business! Our team of pallets experts is here to serve your every need for a one-time-deal or for recurring transactions.

    We Buy Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Our process of accumulating pallets never ends, so come to us if you're looking to get block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, plastic pallets, or most any other type off your lot. While disposal companies actually charge you for these services, we actually pay you well for your pallets and establish a service where we can routinely send in a truck to pick up your unwanted pallets.

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