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    The origins of Dallas can be traced back to the construction of railroads in the area for the purpose of accessing cotton, cattle and, eventually, oil. The city wouldn't become as influential in the national economy as it is today until the construction of both the Interstate Highway System and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport that has allowed Dallas to serve as a transportation hub.

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    Whether you're looking to buy pallets in Texas or anywhere in the country, Verde Trader is the perfect place to find large quantities of high quality wood pallets, block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, and more. Our prices have lowered over time as our operations have increased in efficiency and our desire for growth has incentivized us to establish a good reputation with buyers.

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    For anyone wondering where to dispose of pallets or recycle pallets, we understand the process can be tedious and likely will either involve a shady vendor buying at a low price without offering transportation or a disposal service that can easily break the bank. Fortunately, you just found the perfect way to make some good money from your unwanted pallets in a timely manner where we take care of the unpleasant details for you.

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