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    Named for the abundant ash trees lining the San Joaquin River, Fresno was founded in 1872 as a railway station of the Central Pacific Railroad. The city has since become an economic hub of Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley, with much of the surrounding areas in the Metropolitan Fresno region predominantly tied to large-scale agricultural production. In 1958, Fresno was selected by Bank of America to first launch the Bank America credit card, which was later renamed Visa. Notable companies based in Fresno include Pelco, Valley Yellow Pages, and Saladino's.

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    Trying to buy pallets in your area? Looking for a high quantity of block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, or any others for a low price? Verde Trader provides you with thousands of pallets all over the country at great prices due to our years of experience managing pallet transactions all over the country. We also provide shipping services to get pallets to you wherever you are.

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    Perhaps you are looking for pallet recycling or pallet disposal, and, rather than wasting your time and money by doing it yourself, you would prefer to have us take the pallets from you and pay you for your efforts. As opposed to smaller vendors who have fewer revenue streams and buy pallets for lower prices to ensure profits, we deal with dozens of companies every day, we've optimized our process of dealing with pallets and can offer reasonable prices so we can build our reputation and secure repeat transactions.

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