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    Situated upon the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is one of the United States more underrated cities. Known as the birth place of American beer, Milwaukee is a great place to visit for all those who love a brew or two. Not only that, Milwaukee has a food scene that's one to be reckoned with. All this, not to mention the rich historical and cultural attractions in the city make Milwaukee an ideal destination for a visit or to settle down.

    Milwaukee's port location allowed it to blossom early on as a trade city, and it made a name for itself thanks to the large amount of produce being grown in the area, namely wheat. With the advent of railroads, Milwaukee became the largest exporter of wheat in the world. Proximity to water also allowed Milwaukee to become a leading city for heavy industry; stockyards, rendering plants, manufacturing and shipping all were (and still are) important to the city's economy.

    With all the manufacturing going on in the Milwaukee area, it's no wonder that there's plenty of used Gaylord boxes available to eager customers looking to save on shipping costs. Verde Trader connects you with over 20 vendors in the Milwaukee area with pallet boxes available in various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses-- all available for delivery or pickup depending on what works best for your business at an average price of just $11.45. Reach out for a quote today and allow Verde Trader to save you money on Gaylord boxes.

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