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Used Gaylord Boxes in Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia

Exploring Pre-Owned Gaylord Boxes in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the of the most popular destinations in the South; known for its (you guessed it) beaches and large number of resorts as well as its many state parks and universities, Virginia beach manages to maintain a suburban feel despite being a popular beach town for tourism. There's something for all who visit or live in Virginia though, from the arts to delicious cuisine.

Virginia beach is home to business both big and small; everything from international corporations to small local businesses can carve out space in the city. Of course with all its beaches and accompanying resorts, tourism is a big industry within Virginia Beach. Agribusiness is big in VA beach where there are over 150 farms; agriculture produces a whopping 80 million annually for the city's economy.

Looking for used Gaylord boxes near Virginia Beach? Well, you've come to the right place. Verde Trader connects you to 10 vendors in proximity to Virginia Beach with used pallet boxes available in a variety of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Our vendors have three, four and five walled gaylords available for pickup or delivery depending on what works best for your business. On top of that, the average price of our boxes is just $13.17. Reach out today and start saving on Gaylord Boxes.

Gaylord Boxes for sale near Virginia Beach, VA

Locations include 08618, 27886, 17406, 27656, 27597, 18054, 21237, 20166, 19140, 23868, 23434, 22332, 34636, 17404, 17349, 08105, 08322, 19605, 08085, 27825, 19052

Typical used Gaylord Boxes in Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia

5 Wall - $12
3 Wall - $13
2 Wall - $12
Total Listings
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