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    The largest city in California's Stanislaus County, Modesto is home to roughly 200,000 residents. Situated in California's Central Valley, Modesto is known for its agricultural production and the county is the sixth biggest for farming in the state. Originally a railroad stop between Sacramento and Los Angeles, the city began to grow in the 1800's with the introduction of grain production. Today, Modesto is known as one of the best places to pick up high quality produce, wines, nuts and more.

    A farming city through and through, agricultural production reigns supreme in the Modesto area. A large number of farms that produce dairy, produce and many other food items, including the worlds largest family owned winery, make their homes in Modesto. Manufacturing has its place in the city as well; one of the largest wine bottle producers as well as manufacturers of steel goods and processed foods operate in the Modesto area.

    Verde Trader connects you to over 10 vendors in the Modesto area with used Gaylord boxes available in various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Browse our 2, 3, 4 and 5 walled gently used bulk bins, all of which are available for delivery or pickup based on the needs of your business Take advantage of the low average price of $12.23 per box and stop overspending on used pallet boxes. Get a quote today and start saving with Verde Trader!

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