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    Milwaukee is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the United States. With an initial focus on ports and railroads due to involvement with manufacturing, stockyards, rendering plants, shipping, and other heavy industry, Milwaukee's largest industry would later become brewing. The city was once the home to four of the world's largest beer breweries (Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst, and Miller), and was the number one beer producing city in the world for many years.

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    Are you looking for pallets that are of a high quantity and quality? You'll definitely want to work with a company with years of experience dealing with hundreds of transactions throughout the country and also provides shipping services for pallets and manages logistics in a timely manner. With Verde Trader, you can guarantee these things for a one-time-deal or in recurring transactions as we have tons of available pallets.

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    If you are looking to recycle pallets, dispose of pallets, or otherwise get rid of your unwanted pallets, Verde Trader is here to take care of your needs while putting money in your pocket. From block pallets to GMA pallets, stinger pallets, and many others, we deal with a wide variety of pallets. We'll make sure you can enjoy an efficient process, clear communication, and quick pickup so all you have to worry about is.. well.. nothing at all!

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