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    The first recorded history in the area of Fremont dates back to 1797, when Mission San Jose was founded. The area would expand at a rapid pace following the California Gold Rush until finally being incorporated in 1956. Companies headquartered here include Antec Inc, Corsair Gaming, Ekanos Research, Fremont Bank, and Nielson Norman Group.

    We Sell Pallets For Great Prices!

    Before you reach out to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find a small quantity of beat up pallets, let our team at Verde Trader do you one better. Our pallet experts make it their mission to keep up with accurate pallet pricing, so we'll be sure to sell you pallets at the most competitive price. We're also always looking for pallets, so we'll likely have hundreds no matter where you are.

    We Also Buy Large Quantities of Pallets!

    As mentioned before, we're always looking for pallets, so sell us yours today! A very common method people pursue for pallet disposal and pallet recycling unfortunately tends to result in them paying for a service rather being paid for goods. Not only will we pay you well for your pallets, we'll also send you a truck to clear up your lot at no cost!

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