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The capital of the state of Oregon, Salem is home to roughly 175,000 residents. The city was founded in 1842, although the area is believed to have been inhabited for over 10,000 years. At its outset, Salem was the home to the first American university west of the Mississippi River, the Oregon Institute. Today, Salem is known as home to many institutions of higher learning as well as annual festivals including the World Beat Festival.

Salem is home to a diverse economy with varied industries that drive business in the city. Of course, as a capital city, government operations weigh in heavily to Salem's economy, though healthcare, finance and more recently technology also play a part. Additionally, Salem is a hub for nearby farming and agricultural operations. Food processing is big in the Salem area, and nearby companies produced foods ranging from canned vegetables to potato chips.

Verde Trade is your source for buying and selling used Gaylord boxes in the Salem area. We'll connect with you vendors and buyer of gently used pallet boxes suitable for your shipping needs, whatever those may be. Reach out today and let Verde Trader assist you with all your Gaylord box needs.

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4 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $16.23

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