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Portland, Oregon, often called PDX by its hip residents, is the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest with a population of over 2 million in the greater metro area. Known for its vibrant art, culture, and food scenes, and a favorite of nature-goers, Portland has often been called a hipsters paradise and attracts millions of visitors interested in the arts and wildlife every year.

Historically Portland's economy is heavily influenced by the steel industry, and the cities advantageous location in terms of resources, low costs, and proximity to roadways and large ports have given the city an economic edge. Today, many different products are manufactured in the Portland area, with many athletic and outdoor apparel brands making the city their center of operations. Not only that, Portland is the largest exporter of wheat in the United States, and has a significant presence in the tech world.

While there may not be a huge abundance of Gaylord Boxes for resale in the Portland area, Verde Trader can still help you to find what you need at a price you'll appreciate. It's what we do best! Reach out to us today and let us know what you're looking for and we'll do all we can to help find you a deal on bulk bins that will work for you and your business.

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Locations include 99336, 97222, 98944, 97008, 98424, 97070, 99352, 98661, 98032

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4 Wall - $22
5 Wall - $12.5

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