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Capital of the Sooner State, Oklahoma City is home to over 650,000 Americans, making it the 11th largest city in the southern United States. Known for its unusual beginning with a "land run," where 10,000 settlers staked claims in the area on a single day Oklahoma City has grown over the years into one of the south's most important trade and travel corridors thanks to its highly efficient infrastructure.

Historically Oklahoma City's most booming business has been energy production-- oil was struck there in 1928 and allowed the city to have some stability during the Great Depression. As such, the production of machinery for use in oil production is significant in terms of the cities manufacturing, though most of the raw materials sourced from the area are shipped elsewhere to be used in manufacturing processes.

Whatever it is that you need to ship, Verde Trader helps you find the bulk bins you need in the Oklahoma area to get the job done. Our 11 vendors in the OKC area offer Gaylord Boxes in various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses with full or partial flaps-- all of which are available for delivery or pick up based on your preference for your business. At an average price of $11.96 per box, Verde Trader helps you find what you need at a price you'll love. Reach out for a quote today and start saving on pallet boxes with Verde Trader.

Gaylord Boxes for sale near Oklahoma City

Locations include 74015, 75237, 75247, 76103, 76367, 74401, 75119, 74501, 66757, 75052, 72901, 73114, 73106, 75115, 75050, 75006, 72714, 76063, 64801, 75709, 76119, 76140

Typical used Gaylord Boxes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

5 Wall - $14
4 Wall - $13.75
2 Wall - $8
3 Wall - $10

Gaylord Boxes near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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