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About our Yonkers New York Gaylord Box Supply

Just north of Manhattan, Yonkers is the third largest city in the state of New York and is home to roughly 200,000. Originally a small farming town, Yonkers began to grow during the industrial revolution, when businesses including the first elevator manufacturer began moving into the area. Today, Yonkers is known for its gorgeous views of the Hudson River and cultural offerings like the Museum of The Hudson.

Yonkers has a diverse economy made up of a range of large corporations and small businesses. Manufacturers flocked to the city during late the 19th century and went on to produce goods ranging from automobiles and tanks to carpets. Manufacturing continues to be significant to Yonker's economy today; Kawasaki Rail and the American Sugar Company continue to operate in the Yonkers.

If you're looking for used Gaylord boxes near Yonkers, look no further than Verde Trader. Our 16 vendors in the Yonkers area offer used bulk bins in a range of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Choose between delivery and pickup of your order based on the needs of your business. Take advantage of our low average price of $13.28 per box and start saving money on used Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

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Locations include 13601, 03801, 03301, 21076, 21227, 21030, 17404, 17406, 01224, 19605, 06279, 18508, 18407, 19135, 06786, 06405, 07753, 07836, 08837, 07080, 07008, 07206, 07663.

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Typical used Gaylord Box in Yonkers NY

2 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $15.00
3 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $10.62
3 Wall Octagon Other – $11.00
3 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.23
3 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $14.53
4 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $18.53
4 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $12.75
5 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $11.71
5 Wall Octagon Other – $12.85
5 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $11.27
5 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.73

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