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About our Paterson New Jersey Gaylord Box Supply

The third largest city in the state of New Jersey, Paterson is home to roughly 150,000 residents. Interestingly, Paterson is the 3rd most densely populated city in the entire country. Once nicknamed "Silk City" for its role as a major silk manufacturer, Paterson is known today for its architecture in its historic districts, extensive parks and recreation system and for its strong diversity.

Paterson's economy is multifaceted; its proximity to New York City has drawn many business that do business in the area to seek out a place in Paterson. Government and health care rank among the top industry sectors in the Paterson area, with manufacturing playing a role as well. Historically a major producer of silk, manufacturers in the Paterson area today produce goods including cosmetics, electronic components, rubber and plastic goods and more.

Looking for used Gaylord boxes near Paterson? Verde Trader can help. Our over 15 vendors in the Paterson area offer gently used bulk bins in various shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses. Our pallet boxes are available for delivery or pickup based on your needs and come at an average price of just $13.28. Get a quote today and start saving on used Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

Boxes for sale near Paterson

Locations include 13601, 03801, 03301, 21076, 21227, 21030, 17404, 17406, 01224, 06279, 19605, 18508, 18407, 06786, 06405, 19135, 07753, 08837, 07836, 07080, 07008, 07206, 07663.

Retail options in Paterson

Typical used Gaylord Box in Paterson NJ

2 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $15.00
3 Wall Octagon Full Bottom Flaps – $10.62
3 Wall Octagon Other – $11.00
3 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.23
3 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $14.53
4 Wall Rectangle Top Flaps – $18.53
4 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $12.75
5 Wall Octagon Partial Bottom Flaps – $11.71
5 Wall Octagon Other – $12.85
5 Wall Rectangle Partial Bottom Flaps – $11.27
5 Wall Rectangle Full Bottom Flaps – $11.73

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