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    Philadelphia has seen a massive shift in the last few decades by switching from a manufacturing-based economy to one with a focus on services such as education, health, and social services. The city is also a home to many operations of the federal government. Serving as the capital city before Washington, D.C.'s construction, Philadelphia is still home to operations of the United States Mint, a division of the federal reserve, and the U.S Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

    We Have Used and Recycled Pallets!

    No matter where you are in the United States, if you're looking to buy new, used, or reconditioned wooden pallets, Verde Trader is the place for you. Buy whatever kind of wooden pallet you're looking for in bulk with us so you can save lots of money, enjoy a quick shipping process using our trucks, and set up recurring transactions so that your pallet needs will be constantly met with minimal effort on your end.

    We're Looking For Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Are you sitting on used wooden pallets that you're looking to recycle/dispose of? Instead of wasting time and adding expenses that spell disaster for your company's cash flow, allow us to pay you for your unwanted pallets, send a truck to pick them up, and provide a full team dedicated to good communication and timely services for a single transaction or recurring ones.

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