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    While Las Vegas is commonly known for its thriving economy that revolves around gambling and tourism, North Las Vegas's economy is made up of many different industries and practices. Manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse distribution companies are prevalent in local markets. As of late, high-tech businesses, including solar/green technology and custom manufacturing facilities have been moving into the North Las Vegas area.

    Buy Our Block Pallets, GMA Pallets, Stringer Pallets, and More!

    Are you running low on pallets? Would you like to do business on a recurring basis with a reputable company having years of experience dealing with hundreds of pallet transactions all over the country? Verde Trader is here to provide you with a team of pallet experts dedicated to finding you an attractive price while coordinating shipping and logistics to get pallets to you wherever you are.

    Sell Us Block Pallets, GMA Pallets, Stringer Pallets, and More!

    In order to keep selling high volumes of pallets all over the country, we're constantly trying to find more. If you have a good quantity of block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, or most anything else, there are a number of reasons why Verde Trader is the best place to go. Perhaps most importantly, we offer great prices in the hopes of maintaining our reputation and gaining customers for the sake of increasing the scale of our operations. Additionally, we pickup the pallets with our complimentary service so that your burden is reduced as much as possible.

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