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    Minneapolis's economy has transformed in the past 200 years from one based on raw materials to one based on finished products and services. The city's earliest industries include fur trading and agriculture, an industry still thriving as Minneapolis is the U.S.'s largest producer of sugar beets, sweet corn, and green peas. The city has a large retail presence as well with the likes of Target Corporation, Best Buy, and Supervalu having headquarters here.

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    What if you could have access to every available pallet in your area through a quick and reputable process used by over 100 companies all over the country? Perhaps you're spending too much now on pallets and need a way to maintain a more positive cash flow. Maybe you prioritize communication and want to work with people dedicated to understanding your needs and getting things right no matter what. Whatever the case, Verde Trader is available for you 24/7 with high quality pallets as well as shipping and logistics services that ensure your needs are met in a satisfactory and time-efficent manner.

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    Maybe it's the case that you have a ton of unwanted pallets taking up space and wasting away in your warehouse. In addition to selling pallets, our team on Verde Trader buys them and offers a shipping service for pickup. Rather than suffering the cost to get rid of the pallets or just losing the space that they're taking up, let us send a truck and pay you well for used or reconditioned pallets. Together we can save you some money, make more space in your warehouse, and give you a way to dispose of pallets routinely as you see fit.

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