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    Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, is often referred to as the birthplace for modern architecture due to the innovation and creativity that went into the construction of the city's buildings, some of which once stood among the tallest in the world. Chicago's origins and growth can be seen in its initial function as a transportation hub between the east and west coast. Railroad and canal construction allowed the city to establish itself as a powerhouse in manufacturing and retail. Today, Chicago is prospering more than ever in other industries such as printing, publishing, insurance, and transportation.

    We Offer Used and Recycled Pallets!

    What if you could have access to every available pallet in your area through a quick and reputable process used by over 100 companies all over the country? Perhaps you're spending too much now on pallets and need a way to maintain a more positive cash flow. Maybe you prioritize communication and want to work with people dedicated to understanding your needs and getting things right no matter what. Whatever the case, Verde Trader is available for you 24/7 with high quality pallets as well as shipping and logistics services that ensure your needs are met in a satisfactory and time-efficient manner.

    We Buy Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Is it the case that you're looking to recycle pallets and, rather than suffering the cost of disposal, you'd like to sell those pallets and let us send somebody to pick them for you? Rather than dealing with shady vendors looking to pick up your wooden pallets for $1 each, let us find the right deal for you based on years of data accumulated through the management of pallet recycling all over the country. Contact us today to relieve yourself of the burden of pallet disposal, especially if you have pallets to get rid of on a regular basis.

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