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    Aurora is located just 35 miles from Chicago and is home to roughly 200,000 residents. Located on the Fox River, Aurora was founded in 1837, and earned the nickname "Light City" for being among the first American cities to employ street lights. Today, Aurora is known as home to many architectural landmarks including buildings designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

    We Offer Wooden Pallets!

    Verde Trader is the best option for anyone who wants to purchase a large quantity of pallets at low prices! Our team of pallet experts has access to a large network of pallets across the nation and can deliver pallets wherever and whenever needed. You will find our services we provide to be quick, efficient, and of the highest quality.

    We Buy Wooden Pallets!

    Maybe it's the case that, instead of buying wood pallets, you're looking to get rid of them. Verde Trader provides services disposing of pallets, recycling pallets, and providing shipping to pick them up for you. Don't waste your time paying a massive expense employing a disposal company that won't even pay for your pallets. We offer great prices based on years of experience managing hundreds of pallet deals all over the country.

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