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Houston is home to a strong and diverse economy, with energy production at the forefront; there's a reason, after all, that their NFL team was long named the Oilers. In addition to energy, Houston has a significant manufacturing sector, including the largest concentration of petrochemical manufacturers in the world, as well as producers of other chemicals including fertilizers, insecticides and more.

Due to the large presence of chemical manufacturing in the Houston area, the use of IBC totes is necessary for many businesses. More often than not, gently used IBC totes are perfectly suitable for your bulk shipping needs, and come at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're looking to save money on IBC totes, or off-load the totes that you no longer have a use for, trust Verde Trader to get the job done.

Verde Trader helps you find the gently used IBC totes you need-- and recycle or sell the ones you don't. We'll connect you to vendors and buyers in the Houston area in order for you to employ the best practices for your business in regard to your IBC totes. Reconditioned, rebottled, new and used IBC totes are availble for delivery or pickup. Reach out today and let us know how we can help and take advantage our convenient and highly economical services.

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Locations include 77373, 75212, 77507, 78634, 77520, 77389, 78728, 77081, 78223, 75189, 78737, 70535, 78629, 78756, 78415, 77034, 75050, 75041, 77640, 77087, 77038, 77041, 77378, 71115, 78681, 77550, 75006, 77571

Typical used IBC Totes in Houston, Texas

Used Dirty - $40
Used Rinsed - $50
Used Food Grade Dirty - $85
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