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    While Las Vegas is known primarily as an entertainment capital, the state of Nevada is home to a diverse array of businesses across various sectors. Las Vegas' exports include far more than just sin; many products are manufactured in the greater Las Vegas area including printed products, concrete and machinery, electronic and computer equipment, and food products including meat, coffee, processed and pet foods and more.

    With the significant amount of food products being produced in the greater Las Vegas area, many businesses depend on the use of bulk shipping containers such as IBC totes to safely transport their goods. We at Verde Trader are committed to getting you the best price on the totes you need to get the job done. Have empty totes lying around that need clearing out? We're more than happy to help with that as well.

    Whether you are looking to acquire IBC totes, or off-load your empty totes, Verde Trader is here to help. Shop our rebottled, reconditioned, new or used totes, and trust that we will do our best to get you the best deal on the totes you need for your business. Let us help with removal, recycling, or sale of your used totes, and start getting the most out of your bulk shipping practices with Verde Trader.

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