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    Stockton, California has always been a major producer of agricultural products, a fact that remains true today. However, the area is home to a diverse array of businesses across many sectors, many of which are able to thrive. Manufacturing, for example, has a significant presence in the Stockton area, where business produce goods ranging from machine and electronic parts to food products in significant amounts.

    Many of the good produced in the Stockton area are shipped in bulk shipping containers such as IBC totes. Verde Trader is your source for acquiring the IBC totes your business needs at the best price. We'll also take care of any totes you may have lying around that you no longer need. With Verde Trader makes it simple to make your bulk shipping practices more efficient and affordable.

    Verde Trader connects you to vendors in the Stockton area with rebottled, reconditioned, new and used IBC totes available for sale and delivery to your business. No matter what your IBC tote needs are, you can count on us to do everything we can to get you the best price and also provide efficient and friendly service. Whether you're looking to purchase totes, or sell, recycle or just dispose of your spares, Verde Trader has got you covered.

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