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    The economic center of Northern California, San Jose is often called the gem of Silicon Valley, and is known for its innovation and excellence when it comes to business. With a GDP of over 1 trillion dollars, it's safe to say that business is big in the San Jose area. While tech and tech manufacturing may reign supreme in the Silicon Valley, a range of products are also produced in the area including cleaning products, food products, plastics and more.

    Food and beverage as well as chemical manufacturing often require the use of shipping containers like IBC Totes. That's were we come in. If you're in need of IBC totes for shipping your goods, or if you have IBC totes that you're looking to off-load, Verde Trader is here to help. We understand the importance of efficiency and saving when possible, and are here to help your business achieve both in regards to your bulk shipping needs.

    Whether you are looking to purchase rebottled, reconditioned, new or used IBC totes, or remove or recycle your empty totes, trust Verde Trader to help you sort it out. We connect you with vendors of IBC totes at the best prices, and will take care of the totes your not using, making your life easier and your shipping more efficient. Reach out today and start getting the most, for the least, from your IBC totes.

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