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Home to the fifth busiest port in the nation, representing over $41 billion in international trade annually, Oakland is a major city for shipping and business in general. As well as being a hub of tech start-ups in high tech, green energy and more, the Oakland area is home to manufacturers who produce goods ranging from food products and candy, to chemicals and beyond..

Many products manufactured in the greater Oakland area need to be shipped using bulk containers like IBC totes. Verde Trader has made shopping for totes easier, and we'll always do our best to get you the best price possible. In addition to that, Verde Trader can also help you find a solution for the totes you have no use for. Simply put, Verde Trader is the answer for all your IBC tote needs.

IBC totes are used by many Philadelphia area businesses; as such, there is a great need and availability of ready to use totes. Verde Trader allows you to buy IBC totes at lower rates, and sell or recycle the totes you have that are no longer being used. Whatever your bulk shipping needs are, Verde Trader can help you to maximize efficiency in regard to your IBC totes.

IBC Totes for sale near Oakland

Locations include 95988, 94043, 93280, 94560, 89521, 95060, 93215, 89406, 95757, 95307, 93637, 95076, 95377, 95765, 95482, 93263, 93656, 95336

Typical used IBC Totes in Oakland, California

Used Dirty - $40
Used Rinsed - $70
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