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    McAllen, Texas lies near the southern tip of the state, in the Rio Grande Valley. Home to roughly 145,000 residents, McAllen is a center for international trade due to its proximity to the Mexican border. The city also has a history of being a center of agriculture in the area, though recent years have brought a shift toward trade, healthcare and other industries. Agriculture still exists in the McAllen area however, along with manufacturers who produce goods ranging from chemical to food products and beyond.

    Due in part to the large amount of international trade in the area, many businesses near McAllen require the use of bulk shipping containers like Gaylord boxes in order to ship their goods. Verde Trader makes sourcing used Gaylord boxes you need both easier and more affordable. On top of that, we can help you find a solution for any unwanted bins you may have lying around.

    Let Verde Trader help you find the used Gaylord boxes you need in the McAllen area. Our vendors near McAllen offer gently used bulk bins in 4 and 5 wall varieties, and we are always adding new inventory. Our boxes are available for pickup or delivery based on your needs, and come at an average price of just $15.53 per box. Reach out to Verde Trader today and we'll help you with all of your used Gaylord box related needs.

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