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Although it is home to the famous Mall of America, Minneapolis has much more to offer than just larger than life retail. Visitors and residents to the Mini-Apple enjoy participating in the city's culture as well as its beautiful nature. A hub for the performing arts, Minneapolis ranks third after New York and Chicago for it's theatre market. With no shortage of lakes to lounge by during the day, and plenty of nightlife to keep you occupied through the evening, Minneapolis is a joy to all those who visit.

Minneapolis has a strong and diversifed economy; in fact, it's the third largest economic center in the midwest after Chicago and Detroit. Finance, commerce and health care lead the pack in Minneapolis, but high-tech, education and food processing also all have a place within the city's economy. In terms of manufacturing, Minnesota produces a range of products including agricultural products, plastic products, machinery and more.

If you're looking for used Gaylord boxes in the Minneapolis area, Verde Trader has got you covered. Connect to over 10 vendors in the Minneapolis area with pallet boxes available in a variety of shapes and sizes-- all at an average price of just $12.15. Verde Trader is committed to helping you get the best deal on the pallet boxes you need, so reach out today for a quote and start saving money on used Gaylords.

Gaylord Boxes for sale near Minneapolis

Locations include 53704, 56362, 55317, 54727, 50648, 55044, 54162, 55420, 54944, 52339, 50265, 55367, 53930, 55068, 52347, 56304, 54914, 54024, 56228, 56072, 55433, 55077, 57048, 55328

Typical used Gaylord Boxes in Minneapolis, Minnesota

5 Wall - $12.5
4 Wall - $11
3 Wall - $10

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