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    A city with an extremely rich history that played a pivotal role in the modernization and industrialization of the United States, Detroit, Michigan is high on the list of important cities in America. The largest city on the US border with Canada, Detroit is well known for its manufacturing, specifically when it comes to automobiles, as well as its contributions to music, architecture and design.

    The economy in Detroit is diverse; finance, technology, and health care industries all have a hand in the city's pot. Home to the "Big Three" of automobile manufacturers, Detroit is perhaps best known for the huge role it plays in the production of american cars. Not only automobiles are built in Detroit however-- food products, furniture, metal products and chemical products are all produced at significant rates in the area.

    Verde Trader connects you to over 30 vendors in the Detroit area with bulk bins to meet your shipping needs, whatever they may be. Our vendors offer Gaylord Boxes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are available for delivery or pickup based on what works best for your business. With an average price of just $12.32, and a ton of options to choose from, Verde Trader helps you save on the Gaylord Boxes you need. Get a quote today!

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