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    Did you know? Jacksonville is the largest city in the southeastern United States! Situated on the banks of the St. John's River, Jacksonville is also home to one of largest civilian and military deep water ports, boasting three United States Naval facilities, the largest of which employs over 23,000 people! Jacksonville offers much to its residents and visitors, who have at their disposal beautiful beaches and plenty of leisure and cultural activities such as The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.

    Jacksonville's economy is largely informed and shaped by its proximity to the St. John's River as well as the Atlantic Ocean-- the city's advantageous location lends to its status as the largest hub of distribution and transportation of goods in all of Florida. On top of that, Jacksonville hosts a range of manufacturing companies that produce a variety of goods from medical devices to contact lenses to food products.

    Where there's manufacturing, there's shipping, and where there's shipping, there's Gaylord Boxes. That's where Verde Trader comes in! Stop overspending on bulk bins and use Verde Trader to meet all your shipping needs at an unbeatable price. Our vendors in the Jacksonville area offer Gaylords in a range of sizes and wall thicknesses-- 2, 3, 4, or 5 walls. Reach out today for a quote and let us at Verde Trader hook you up.

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