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Baton Rouge's geographic area has had a long history being ruled by seven different governments: the French, British, and Spanish in the colonial era; the Republic of West Florida, as a United States territory and state, Confederate, and United States again since the end of the American Civil War. Baton Rouge's largest industry is petrochemical production and manufacturing. ExxonMobil's Baton Rouge Refinery complex is the fourth-largest oil refinery in the country.

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Ask yourself "Am I currently receiving a high quantity of pallets in great condition and in a timely manner?", because Verde Trader can guarantee all of this no matter where you are in the nation. With hundreds of transactions under their belt, our pallet experts are always up to date with reasonable prices and will coordinate the shipping of your pallets in the blink of an eye.

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We also buy your used and recycled pallets, so we've worked hard for the last few years to optimize this process by learning about and now accepting almost any type of pallet you may be trying to get rid of. Moreover, we offer shipping and logistics services where we send a truck to pick up your pallets, then pay you handsomely either as a one-time deal or on a recurring basis.

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