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While not the largest city in California, San Diego plays a significant role in contributing to the state's economy. In terms of military and defense, San Diego hosts the largest naval fleet in the world and is home to military bases including US Navy facilities, Marine Corps bases, and Coast Guard stations. San Diego's commercial port and its location on the United States-Mexico border make international trade an important factor in the city's economy as the city is authorized by the United States government to operate as a Foreign Trade Zone.

We Sell Recycled Pallets!

You may be asking yourself, 'Is there a place I can buy wood pallets at a good price that I can receive in a timely manner?' Don't waste your time searching through Craigslist for a couple of beat up pallets! Verde Trader is here to show you any available pallets of a good quantity and quality in your area. We can even send a truck with our pallet team that is experienced in the industry and dedicated to serving your needs.

We Buy Recycled Pallets!

Perhaps you're looking for pallet recycling or pallet disposal and, rather than wasting your time and paying out of pocket, you'd like us to take those pallets off your hands and pay you for your trouble. While smaller vendors have fewer revenue streams and look to buy pallets for low prices in order to ensure profits, we deal with dozens of companies a day and have optimized our process dealing with pallets, so we have the ability to offer reasonable prices in the hopes of building our reputation and securing recurring transactions with sellers.

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