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    Dallas has a very strong and diversified economy, and represents a hub of economic activity for the Southern United States. Defense, financial services, transportation, and telecommunications rank among the top industries in the Dallas area, though there is a significant presence of manufacturing; area businesses are responsible for the production of goods ranging from agriculture to chemical products and beyond.

    With the presence of manufacturing and distribution, especially of food and chemical products, comes the need for suitable bulk shipping containers. That's where Verde Trader comes in. Whether you are looking to purchase IBC totes for shipping your goods, or sell or recycle your used IBC totes, Verde Trader is here to fulfill your needs, and enable you to minimize spending and maximize efficiency when it comes to bulk shipping.

    Use Verde Trader to purchase the rebottled, reconditioned, new or used IBC totes you need for your business. We'll connect you to vendors offering the container you need at a price you'll appreciate. Have used IBC totes you'd like to have removed or recycled? We can hep with that as well. Whatever your IBC tote needs are, Verde Trader has got you covered. Reach out today and we will do everything we can to meet your needs.

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