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    Arlington's diverse economy shares some similarities and differences with that of other cities in the region. Unlike other cities in the area, Arlington's economy is not deeply tied to the oil industry. Arlington has strong tourism due to the large theme parks as well as many sports attractions in the area which contribute significantly to the city's economy. Manufacturing is not lacking in Arlington--Arlington Assembly, a General Motors factory, has operated in the region for over 60 years and other businesses produce food products, chemical products and more.

    Bulk containers such as IBC totes are widely used to ship goods produced in the Arlington area. Verde Trader helps businesses of all sizes source IBC totes as easily and affordably as possible. Maybe you have left over, empty totes that you need help with finding a solution for. If so, we can help with that as well. Verde Trader is the place to turn for friendly and reliable service, whatever your IBC tote needs may be.

    Verde Trader helps you find the gently used IBC totes you need-- and recycle or sell the ones you don't. We will connect you to vendors and buyers in the Houston area in order to make sure that you are using the best practices for your business with regards to your IBC totes. Reconditioned, rebottled, new and used IBC totes are available for delivery or pickup. Reach out to Verde Trader today and take advantage of our services.

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