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    Oklahoma is home to a strong and diverse economy with businesses in a wide range of sectors. Aviation. energy, transportation, and food products all factor in significantly to the area's economy. Though not the top earners, agriculture and manufacturing are important in Oklahoma; cattle, wheat and dairy are all raised in the state, and manufacturers produce goods including various food products, chemical products and more.

    Significant amounts of dairy, grains, chemicals, and other products that require the use of bulk shipping containers like IBC totes are produced in the Oklahoma City area. Verde Trader is your source for affordable and readily available IBC totes in a range of configurations. We'll help you get the best price on the IBC totes your business needs, and assist you with clearing out the totes you're no longer using.

    Verde Trader connects you to vendors in the Oklahoma City area offering a range of options in IBC totes. Whether you're looking to purchase rebottled, reconditioned, new or used IBC totes, we've got options. We also offer recycling and removal services for your used totes. Verde Trader makes it easy to get the most from your IBC totes and helps you maximize efficiency when it comes to bulk shipping. Reach out today.

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