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    Did you know? The city of Washington D.C. was established as the nation's capital by the United States constitution. That said, anyone who lives in D.C. will tell you there's much more to the capital than just politics. A city chock full of history (and historical monuments to match) as well as a ton of cultural institutions (Smithsonian, ever heard of it?) Washington D.C. is a joy to explore for all those interested in the United States past or present.

    As one might expect, government related business dominates Washington D.C.'s economy-- over 25% of employed people in D.C. work for a government affiliated agency. With so much history and global significance attributed to the city, tourism comes in second in terms of the cities biggest industries. That said, manufacturing also plays a significant role in Maryland's economy with everything from high tech equipment to food products being produced within the small state.

    If you're looking for bulk bins in the Washington D.C. area, look no further. Verde Trader connects you with 18 vendors proximate to D.C. with Gaylord boxes available in all varieties to meet your shipping needs. 3, 4, or 5 walled pallet boxes are available for delivery or pickup at an average price of just $13.32. Reach out today for a quote and Verde Trader will start saving you money on Gaylord boxes.

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