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Situated in the far western portion of Texas, El Paso is quite the international city due to its proximity to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. The combined metropolitan areas is home to over 2.5 million people, making it the largest mixed language workforce in the western hemipshere. El Paso boasts a rich history and many historic areas to much, which combined with its vibrant cultural and food scene make it a lovely city to visit or settle in.

El Paso is a major trade hub due in part to its proximity to the Mexican border. Many different products are made in the area; medical devices, plastics, petroleum, machinery and more are all manufactured at significant rates in the El Paso area. Additionally, agricultural business is important to the area, where fruit, cotton, vegetables and livestock are all produced. El Paso is the second busiest international crossing point in the US, and is also home to a large military bass, Fort Bliss.

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