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    A gem of western New York state, Buffalo is a city with a rich history that includes much more than just those chicken wings we all love. An early adopter of electric energy, Buffalo was once dubbed the City of Lights, and at one point was home to more millionaires than any other U.S. city. Today, Buffalo is home to one of the top research schools in the nation, The University at Buffalo, and is a popular destination for the thousands that visit Niagara Falls each year.

    Buffalo's economy is diverse; high-tech, manufacturing, state government, education and more all have a hand in shaping the city's economy. Once a major hub of manufacturing, movement toward other industries has changed the city's economic landscape, though recent years have brought a surge in industry due to in part to significant investments from the state. Some manufacturing does still take place in Buffalo; products ranging from apparel to food and beyond continue to be produced in the Buffalo area.

    Trust Verde Trader to help you find the best deal on used Gaylord boxes in the Buffalo area. Our 20 vendors near Buffalo offer used pallet boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses, all available for delivery or pickup based on what works best for your business. Not to mention our used bulk bins cost an average of just $13.05 per box. Reach out today and start spending less on Gaylord boxes with Verde Trader.

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