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The second largest city in Missouri, St. Louis is situated on the Mississippi River and is known as the gateway to the west. Famous for its massive gateway arch, the tallest monumental structure in the United States, St. Louis is home to roughly 300,000 residents. St. Louis has much to offer to all those who visit or choose to reside there; there's no shortage of cultural activities such as music and fine art available to enjoy.

St. Louis has a diverse economy that boasts an impressive GDP of upwards of $150 billion annually. Home to many Fortune 500 companies, St. Louis is a hub of bio-tech and medicine as well as tech; Microsoft, Square and others have offices within the city. When it comes to manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and agriculture all have significant presences in the area.

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Gaylord Boxes for sale near St. Louis

Locations include 61615, 60416, 60544, 42134, 40229, 63114, 47993, 63379, 65613, 63385, 63126, 38305, 63701, 61571, 40258, 63401, 42064, 66062, 52732, 60178, 63010, 66219, 60432, 61244, 65066, 52651, 52347, 66105, 46060, 60441, 63110, 60803, 60446, 62615, 47130, 66061, 60510, 63120, 47711, 38301, 60185

Typical used Gaylord Boxes in St. Louis, Missouri

5 Wall - $13.5
2 Wall - $8
4 Wall - $14
3 Wall - $13

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