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Known around the world for its vibrant food, culture, music and of course festivals (Mardi Gras!) New Orleans is one of the most fun and culturally rich cities in the United States. Dubbed the most unique city in the county, New Orleans has a ton to offer to all who visit and even more to those who make homes there. Originally a French colony, New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures with a strong sense of communty.

Thanks to its large port (in fact one of the largest and busiest in the world) New Orleans is a major hub of maritime trade and industry. As such, many business related to shipbuilding, logistics, freight forwarding and the like are based in the area. In addition to its ports, New Orleans is a center of the oil refinery industry in part due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its many oil rigs. Manufacturing has its place as well in Nola; food products, clothing, fabricated metal and more are all produced in significant amounts in the area.

Despite all the cargo moving in and out of New Orleans, its not always the easiest place to find used Gaylord Boxes. In any case, we at Verde Trader are here to help you find the bulk bins you need at a price you'll love. Reach out today and let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find you the used Gaylords to meet your business needs.

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Locations include 40208, 70814, 70518

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Gaylord Boxes near New Orleans, Louisiana

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