5 Wall Gaylord Boxes

5 Wall Gaylord Boxes For Sale

5 ply, or 5 wall, Gaylord boxes are made out of a corrugated fiberboard material that was first patented for shipping use in 1871. Corrugated fiberboard consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liners. 5 ply Gaylords are designed with 5 layers of this corrugated carboard, giving them maximum strength and reliability.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many 5 ply Gaylord boxes fit on a pallet?

In general, there are 25 boxes per skid of five wall Gaylords.

How many five Wall Boxes fit on a full 53" dry van?

On average, a truckload holds between 450 and 500 5 ply galyords.

Weight capacities of the Gaylord 5 walls?

The weight capacity of a 5 wall Gaylord container is 5,000 lbs, making them ideal for shipping heavy products and materials. 5 wall Gaylord containers are considered industrial grade due to their large weight capacity. The 5 ply design utilized by these containers increase their strength, durability, and reliability.

What are the available shapes?

The five-ply Gaylord boxes come in both octagonal and rectangular shapes. The oval shape of the Gaylord box makes stacking easier, since it has twice as many corners as rectangular boxes. A rectangular box offers more cubic space, and is compatible with a wider range of manufacturing equipment.

Available flaps?

There are various flap styles available for Gaylord boxes with five walls. Partially flapped boxes come with a slip sheet that you place at the bottom. Using an interlocking flap design, the full flap bottoms eliminate the need for a slip sheet.

Common 5 Ply Gaylord Box Dimensions?

48 x 40 x 40″, 48 x 38 x 41 and 47 x 44 x 41″

Popular Styles?

5 wall Gaylord boxes with partial/slip sheet bottoms are the most prevalent and used container in the Gaylord reuse market. These boxes are so common because they are cheaper to produce than a full flap bottom. 5 wall Gaylords with full flap bottoms are also popular since they eliminate the stress of the slip sheet shifting while using a tipper. Other popular styles of 5 walls include pallet boxes, octabins, and resin boxes.

Average Sale Price?

5 wall Gaylord boxes are the strongest form of Gaylord boxes due to their multi-layered corrugated design. New and used 5 wall Gaylords are highly sought after because of their dependability and high weight capacity. On average, 5 wall Gaylord boxes sell for around $12.


Shipping and storage of heavy metals, Recycling electronics, Plastic regrinds, Shipping of ferrous metals, and Waste and reclamation projects.

Types of Companies who use 5 ply galyord containers?

5 ply Gaylord boxes are used by many different kinds of companies. Most commonly, you can find technology, auto, and metal companies using 5 ply Gaylord boxes. These boxes are also seen being used in recycling and packaging.

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