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Sell Your Gaylord Boxes

Sell us your Gaylord Boxes - WE BUY GAYLORD BOXES

  • We Buy New & Used Gaylord Boxes Nationwide
  • Our team coordinates and schedules all shipments.
  • ZERO transportation costs.
  • On your timetable.
  • Above market rebates
  • Prompt Payment
  • Payment methods include check, ACH, credit card, Venmo, etc.
  • We will pick up all of your gaylords, and PAY YOU FOR IT!
Who buys cardboard gaylord boxes? Verde Trader purchases used gaylord boxes. Sell us your used gaylord boxes!

Verde Trader is interested in buying your used gaylord boxes. Get an estimate now!

Sell used Gaylord boxes for cash TODAY!

Verde Trader will work with you to create an environmentally and economically responsible program.

No Freight Charges
Verde Trader will pay the cost of Freight! So you don’t have to.
1 On 1 Support
Our expert team will know how to handle your Gaylord Boxes. We got you!
Easy Payment
Keeping cash flow stable is vital, so we make sure you are paid on time.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What are some examples of gaylord boxes you purchase?

Resin gaylords, Produce gaylords, Food grade gaylord boxes, Octagonal gaylords, Rectangular gaylords, and Bulk shipping gaylords

How do I start selling my Gaylord boxes?

In order for us to sell your Gaylord boxes, you’ll need to first submit a Gaylord waste stream form. The purpose of this form is to help us understand what kind and how many Gaylords you’re producing each month.

How do I get paid?

All of our vendors are paid net 30, however as we build our working relationship we will pay upon delivery. We want your trust, and providing us terms will allow us to help best. Payment methods include check, ACH, credit card, Venmo, etc.

Who do we buy from?

We work with manufacturers both big and small, recyclers, and box brokers.

How fast can you remove my boxes?

In most cases, it will take 3-5 business days after we receive the pictures and details of the box to match your box with the customer. It is possible for us to get them off your hands tomorrow, however, we may not be able to provide you with the best possible rebate.

What is the minimum quantity of Gaylord boxes I can sell?

A quantity of 25 boxes is the smallest order we can process to sell your Gaylord boxes.

How many boxes should I put in each stack?

This depends on the number of boxes, the box type, dimensions, and wall count. Click here to learn more about how to prepare your boxes.

How much are my boxes worth?

The value of your boxes depends on the condition, box type, location, etc. Once we receive pictures of your boxes you can expect an account manager to reach out to review this with you.

Do you purchase gaylords with cut panels?

It's rare that we do. We may, however, be able to assist you, depending on your location.

Do you purchase gaylords that have been ripped or torn?

Depending on how severe the tare is, where it is located on the gaylord, and how many gaylords are in the same condition. The chances of us purchasing the gaylords are high. You'll need to send us photos of your Gaylords in order to determine whether we would buy them.

Do you purchase produce boxes?

Yes, we are VERY interested in cabbage, pumpkin, and other produce boxes.

Do you purchase boxes that last contained meat?

Generally, we avoid boxes that were used to transport chicken slurry, packaged meats, or organic products that are not dry goods.

How do I stack and palletize my used gaylord boxes?

As you stack the boxes on a pallet, rotate the direction of each box 180 degrees every time so that the bottom flaps are protected. Boxes should be stacked 25-50 high depending on wall thickness, then strapped to a pallet so they can be double stacked on a truck or in storage.

What boxes do you NOT accept?

We cannot accept boxes with cut or missing panels, large tares or rips, and boxes containing meat or having substantial residue inside.

Do we accept loose gaylord boxes?

No, we cannot accept boxes that have not been palletized.

Start Selling Your Gaylord Boxes Now!


How does it work?

Just fill out the form above and someone from our team will reach out!

  • 1
    Fill out the form above!
    To begin the process, please enter your company information into the form above.
  • 2
    Confirmation Call
    Once you've supplied us with the necessary information, we'll call to finalize the process. Our phone conversation will cover pricing and box volume.
  • 3
    When container specifications have been confirmed and all required documents are in order, we will arrange pickup by an independent transport company or the customer.
  • 4
    Payment & Inventory Checkins
    You will be contacted regularly following payment to coordinate future pickups. Our team is always available if you have any further questions.

Box Preparation

Box Type

Does every box you’re generating have the same bottom style? Are they all the same dimension? If you’re generating just one type of box, these questions aren’t for you.

If you have a mix of boxes with different bottom styles and dimensions, please let us know if you can sort them. A lot of customers don’t mind mixed loads, but there are some who aren’t. Considering this, it’s important to be transparent about what type of boxes you have.

Pallet Stacking

To create uniform stacks and protect the condition of the bottom flaps, alternate the direction of the box 180 degrees each time you stack them. If you have full flap bottom Gaylord boxes, do the same and also fold the flaps so they are not hanging off.

Boxes Per Skid

Please stack 25 to 50 gaylords per skid. The boxes stacked on a pallet should be about 40" to 50" high.

Unacceptable Boxes

Structural Integrity

All boxes must maintain their full structural integrity, and may not have or be applicable to any of the following:

  • Panels cut out
  • Rips
  • Dirt or contamination

Residue and Contamination

Customers will reject boxes with signs of residue and we won’t be able to pay you for them. Because of this, it is important to make sure that each and every box is free of all residue or contamination. Any pellet, compound, or food residue must be cleaned off of each box.

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