Recycle Your Used Pallets

Used Pallet Removal & Recycling Program

We recycle pallets across the continental United States, so your location will never be an issue! Just follow these simple steps below to get the pallet disposal process started.


Verde Trader will remove and recycle your pallets, regardless of their types, strengths, and sizes.

Services include:

  • Free Removal
  • Pallet Recycling Services
  • Routine Scheduled Pallet Pickups
  • Brokered Sale Services
  • Drop Trailers
  • Local Distribution Services

Shipping & Pick Ups

We’re able to drop trailers on site, and offer local pick ups.


1 On 1 Support

We take time to understand your unique goals and concerns.


Easy Payment

Online payment is quick, simple, and convenient.

Start Recycling Your Pallets Today!

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How do I start Recycling my Pallets?

Submit a Pallet Request – We made it easy for you to fill out a pallet pick up request. In order to assist you, we simply need your contact information, the number of pallets you wish to have picked up, the type of pallet (mixed is fine), and how frequently you generate used pallets. Your pallet collection request can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will contact you after processing your request to arrange the (zero-cost) pickup for the disposal of your pallets.

Gather photos of your used pallets

Gather Pictures – Once your pallet pickup and recycling request has been processed, you will need to collect images of the pallets. There is no need to include a picture of each pallet. Just a family-style picture of the pallets is sufficient.

BOL Confirmation of Your Pallet Removal Request

Receive BOL Confirmation – Once you submit the pictures, you will receive a bill of lading (BOL) upon pickup confirmation. In the BOL, all details regarding the shipment, including the pick-up date, will be listed. Please contact a member of the Verde Traer team if any errors appear on the BOL.