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Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I start recycling my pallets?

Collect truckload quantities of pallets, it's not cost effective to recycle small quantities of pallets. You may drop off smaller quantities at one of our locations but we will not be able to come unless there is a quantity greater than 400. It’s highly recommended that you store about a truckload quantity of pallets, the better shape and condition the higher the rebate. If your pallets aren’t treated correctly, its easy for these future revenue streams to remain as costly expenses that end up polluting landfills.

How do I get paid for my recycled pallets?

Taking care of your waste streams will streamline the process of turning them into revenue streams. If the pallets you are trying to recycle are nothing more than wood, we might not be able to pay you. For the best return on your recycled pallets, gather 48x40 pallets, then stack 26 stacks of 20 pallets high; the better condition of the pallets, the more you will receive. Once the pallets have been loaded onto the truck and the product has been received, we will issue a check or an ACH to you. On the first couple of transactions, we will pay you right away. After that, we require NET 30.

What is the minimum quantity of wooden pallets I can recycle?

You are more than welcome to drop off pallets at one of our locations, we will not be able to send a truck to come get your pallets unless there are around 400+. If you have a small quantity of pallets you are looking to have removed its often best to list them on Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist.

How fast can you remove my pallets?

If you have a truckload QTY of the same size pallets we can usually have a truck there in 2-3 days, if you have a mix of pallets, we do ask for your patience

How should I prepare my pallets?

Not all the pallets are the same, so it's best to not treat them as such, sorting your pallets by likeness will make recycling your pallets much easier. If your pallets are not neatly organized and cared for, then they will most likely become a removal expense

How many pallets fit on a 53" dry van trailer?

Depends on how they are loaded, generally the range is between 480-680. If the pallets are different size and shape it does affect how many can be loaded onto there.

What are your pallet requirements?

If your pallets are too heavily damaged we will not be able to pay for them, if your pallets are only slightly damaged that is fine, but it’s a pile of broken wood, it would be best to call a waste management company.

What are some examples of pallets you recycle?

Generally, 48 x 40" two way and four way pallets are the most popular and widely accepted around the nation. We can also work with other odd sizes and pallet types, but we are mostly looking for 48 x 40 pallets.

Do you recycle broken pallets?

Yes depending on the conditioned of these pallets, oftentimes we are able to recycle them and just not pay for them, if they are too heavy damaged and the pile is considered hazardous or dangerous for handling, its best to call a waste management company.

How much are my recycled pallets worth?

The rebates for pallet recycling are all over the place, the range is for 48x40 pallets is generally somewhere between $2-5, it can be higher depending on the condition of the pallets. We do pay for odd size pallets, geneally, it’s a little less then the amounts for the standard 48x40

Do you accept all sized pallets?

Yes, but often times, we can’t pay for anything other than the 48x40 pallet. If the pallets are mixed its best to separate them, if that’s not possible, we may still be able to take them but that will affect the rebate.

Do you recycle Chep and Pico pallets?

No, these pallets are rentals of CHEP and PECO and must be returned to them as such.

Do you accept block pallets?

Yes, Block pallets aren’t generally as sought after as standard 48x40 stringer pallets, but we do accept all pallets as long as they are in good condition

How do I schedule a truck in the future after our first pickup?

Just send us an email and let us know you have another load ready, we will get a PO and BOL out to shortly

Do you load the truck?

No, we will send in a truck, but it’s your job to load it up

Will I need a forklift?

Yes or at least some kind of loader, if not a dock will be necessary, we can only send in 53’ dry vans.

Will I need a pallet jack?

Potentially, it depends on your situation, a pallet jack wouldn’t hurt to have.

Does your company provide the BOL?

Yes, we will email you the BOL, all you have to do is print it out, once the truck is loaded just sign the bottom and hand it off to the driver.

Can I deliver the pallets to your facility?

Absolutely, just give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

Who covers the freight?

We handle all freight, there is no cost to you.

Do you pay cash?

We are unable to pay cash, we can only transfer funds via ACH or Check.

What do you consider a broken pallet?

If the pallet has lost its original shape and could be considered dangerous to handle without the proper safety equipment.

Will I be charged for broken or damaged pallets?

No, we will never charge you for a broken or damaged pallet. If your pallets are too damaged heavily damaged we will not be able to pick them up, it may be best to call a waste management company.

Do you pay for broken pallets?

No, we can only pay for “cores”, if your palles have lost their original shape and are now considered dangerous to handle, we will not be able to compensate you for them.

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