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Used wooden pallets are wooden pallets that have been used for the transportation, storing, or distribution of goods at least once. These pallets are often still as functional and reliable as their new counterparts, in many cases they can be used repeatedly, this makes them a cost effective solution for storing and distributing products. There are some industries that cannot, due to regulations, transport their goods on used pallets. Any pallet that has already held product is considered used.

About Used Pallets

Used pallets can be used for a multitude of applications, from domestic transportation to internal warehouse distribution. Their mobility, storage capacity, and stackability make them a key logistics tool. Used wood pallets are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and readily available. 

Used Wood Pallet Options

‘As Is’ Used 

Wood pallets that are sold ‘as is’ are used pallets that have not been repaired in any way. The quality of these pallets varies greatly and it is up to the buyer to determine whether they are functional enough to meet their needs. 

Some of these pallets may be in great shape, fully capable of supporting full loads. Others may be barely functional, with broken deck boards, stringers or water damage from being left out in the elements. 

By conducting a visual inspection, you can determine the quality of a used pallet. Since used pallets come in all shapes and conditions, used pallets should be briefly inspected before being put to work.

Many of these pallets may also have major cosmetic damage. Paint, grease and other debris left from previous loads may make them look bad but should not impact the ability to transport goods safely. 

Unlike repaired or remanufactured pallets, “as is” used pallets are available in both block and stringer types.

 As long as care is taken to find those in better shape, they can be a good option for those who are in need of relatively inexpensive pallets that will stand up to the rigors of loading and shipping goods and who aren’t concerned with appearances. 

Used Pallets are a great option for some but not for everybody.

Advantages of Used Wood Pallets 

  • Less Expensive 
  • Easy to find and acquire 
  • May be of a better quality than repaired  
  • Can be found in both stringer and block types 

Disadvantages of Used Wood Pallets 

  • Not usually sold in uniform lots 
  • Vary a great deal in quality 
  • May be in multiple sizes 
  • Could have to sort

Used Skid Types

Repaired & GMA Repaired 

‌Repaired wood pallets can be a very cost effective, and environmentally friendly, way to get the pallets you need. They can be found in various grades, or quality levels, but most are as functional as new wood pallets, just perhaps not as nice to look at. 

Repaired pallets can come in all sizes but perhaps the most common are GMA.

GMA stands for The Grocery Manufacturers’ Association and GMA wood pallets are those that meet their somewhat rigorous standards. These pallets must meet these standards, whether new or recycled, in order to be sold as GMA pallets. These pallets must be: 

  • 48” x 40” 
  • Made of hardwood or softwood or any combination of them 
  • May be stringer or block types 
  • 4-way accessible 
  • Weigh between 35 and 45 pounds before being loaded 
  • Able to hold up to 4,600 pounds 

Repaired pallets that meet these standards can be sold as GMA repaired pallets. These pallets will be graded based on how extensive the repairs were and how much cosmetic damage has been done to them. 

 Advantages of Repaired Wood Pallets

  • They are guaranteed to meet the standards of their grade level 
  • They can be purchased in uniform lots 
  • Less expensive than new 

‌Disadvantages of Repaired Wood Pallets ‌

  • Probable delay between ordering and delivery 
  • More expensive than used pallets 
  • Can’t be customized 

Used Pallet Grades

Both GMA and non-GMA repaired pallets are graded before sale. There are no industry wide standards for these grades, but generally they come in “A” and “B” grades. Each of these grades are frequently broken down further by the companies that repair and resell pallets. In broad strokes: 

A Grade  

The A graded pallets are those of the highest quality. These pallets may have cosmetic damage or need minor repairs to deck boards but the stringers are intact and have not been repaired or replaced. The original deck board configuration, seven on top and five on the bottom has been maintained. Once repaired, this grade of repaired pallet should serve all the purposes of a new one. They should be able to handle the same amount of weight as they could when they were new and last almost as long. 

B Grade  

The B graded pallets have been repaired, sometimes multiple times. The stringers may have been repaired with metal staples or plates and wooden plugs may have been added to support and strengthen damaged stringers. Some of the stringers and/or deck boards may have been replaced with new or salvaged wood. The deck boards may have been reconfigured to work around repairs to the stringers. There may be extensive cosmetic damage and so would not be appropriate for use in places where customers may see them. Regardless of appearance, these pallets are still fully functional but may not have the longevity of the higher grade. 

Every company that sells repaired pallets has their own grading system within the A,B system. Be sure to take the time to understand what exactly the parameters are for every grade they offer before deciding which pallets will work best for you.

Remanufactured Used Pallets

Remanufactured used pallets are those that have been completely broken down and rebuilt using parts salvaged from other damaged pallets. If there are no salvaged pieces to fit a specific need, new parts may be used. They vary in size and functionality and can be customized to fit any company’s or individuals specific needs. ‌

The appearance of remanufactured pallets varies a great deal. Some will appear brand new while others look like they have been made from salvaged parts. You will pay more for those that look like new, but it will still cost considerably less than purchasing new pallets. ‌

Regardless of their appearance, remanufactured pallets can be just as strong and reliable as new and may offer greater longevity than most repaired pallets. ‌

Advantages of Remanufactured Wood Pallets ‌

  • Customizable 
  • High quality 
  • Can be purchased in lots of uniform quality 
  • Less expensive than new pallets 

‌Disadvantages of Remanufactured Wood Pallets ‌

  • They cost more than used or repaired 
  • May be a long delay between ordering and delivery 

Typical Used Pallet Sizes

Used pallets can be found in all of the commonly used sizes. The more popular the size and configuration of a type of pallet, the more likely you will be able to find used ones in those sizes. The more popular pallet sizes and their most common uses are: 

  • 48 x 40 – This is the GMA Standard and it is used by many industries, including retail and grocery 
  • 40 x 40 – used largely by the dairy industry 
  • 36 x 36 – used by the beverage industry and any industry that transports full drums 
  • 48 x 20 – used in construction where the rectangular shape works well for transporting shingles, also commonly used to transport beverages and packaged paper 
  • 48 x 36 – used mostly by the beverage and chemical industries 
  • 48 x 45 – used largely by the automotive industry 
  • 40 x 48 – used by the military and the cement industry 
  • 35 x 45.5 – used almost solely by the military 
  • 44 x 44 – used to transport drums, mostly by the chemical industry 
  • 48 x 48 – used by any industry that transports drums 
  • 42 x 42 – used mostly by the telecom and paint industries 

These are just the more popular sizes of used pallets. Used pallets are available in a remarkable wide variety of sizes to meet specific needs. If you are unable to find a used pallet that fits your needs, you can always have them custom fit at a local yard.

Used Skid Applications

Used pallets in many cases will work just as well as new ones. the reduced cost makes them a great option for those who need to protect their bottom line while still effectively transporting or storing goods done safely and reliably. 

If you’re only going to ship pallets one way, used pallets might be your best option. In this case, if you do not have the ability to transport pallets back to your base of operations, it may seem pointless to spend the money on new pallets. Used pallets would be an extremely viable option for this.

These pallets are perfect for moving unfinished products domestically or internally. Almost everything in a warehouse needs to be bound to a pallet, this act is called palletizing, but not always a new pallet. Used pallets are perfect for strapping down Gaylord Boxes or storing inventory.

Used Pallet Safety

Used pallets are not equipped for every situation. These pallets have not been tested, repaired, or graded recently. 

There is no guarantee that a used pallet can withstand required weight thresholds or meet FDA regulations for safety and sanitization. If your pallets need to meet any of those requirements, used pallets will not work for you.

Although not strictly forbidden by government regulations, the use of recycled pallets in the food industry is frowned upon because of the risk of contamination. Even the tiniest crack in the wood of a pallet may become a safe harbor for bacteria and other potential contaminants. A splinter from one of the deck boards, a more common occurrence when using used pallets, could potentially pierce a foodstuff’s packaging allowing unsafe things inside. 

Since the pallets used in the transportation of food need to be in prime condition, new pallets are the wise choice. The additional cost of constantly replacing your pallets may be made up by the reduction of goods that end up being destroyed due to contamination. 

Pharmaceutical companies also face similar rules when it comes to how they may transport their raw materials and products. Inside pharmaceutical facilities all pallets must be made of a plastic that can withstand both heat and chemical sanitation. ‌When pharmaceutical materials and goods are being transported outside the facilities, they may be transported on wooden pallets but they must be new and heat treated.

To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, make sure used pallets are viable for your operation before implementing them. 

Overall Advantages and Benefits of Used Pallets vs New Pallets

Cost effective

The price of used pallets can vary depending on whether you are purchasing “as is”, repaired, or remanufactured ones. Each of those types will vary in price based on the quality level. All of those options however, will cost you less than buying new pallets. 

Widely available

Used pallets are widely available and come in all varieties. Many pallets can only be used once due to the regulations placed upon those industries. This leaves used pallets in circulation all over. 

In case you only need a few pallets, Facebook marketplace or Craigslist may be your best option.

Verde Trader mainly deals in the wholesale and distribution of used containers at this time, and cannot fill smaller orders.

Environmentally friendly

Pallet reuse benefits manufacturers and breathes life into key logistical tools, this in turn benefits everybody. The decision to put a perfectly good product for reuse aids green initiative movement all while lowering your cost.

With the exception of the industries where regulations forbid it, there are very few sound reasons not to take advantage of the benefits of used pallets.