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    Lubbock is often referred to as "Hub City" for its role as the economic, educational, and health-care hub of Texas's South Plains region. This area is the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world and a direct positive correlation can be found between government agricultural subsidies/aquifer irrigation levels and the Lubbock's economic prosperity . The city specifically is listed in many places as a top ten city in the nation for starting a business.

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    Since we have so many pallets in Texas, Verde Trader is the best place to find block pallets, GMA pallets, stringer pallets, and whatever else you might need in your area. Too many vendors tend to stick to the big cities and charge a fortune for shipping anywhere else, so we've worked to ensure availability all over Texas through a quick and inexpensive process enjoyed by hundreds of businesses nation-wide. Buy in bulk so we can save you even more money and establish recurring transactions whenever you need more pallets.

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    As previously mentioned, our mission is to find pallets all over Texas, so Verde Trader is also a great place for selling pallets! Rather than finding a recycling/disposal company to pick up your pallets at the cost of an arm and a leg, work with us so we can pay you well and send a truck to do pick up for you, all while providing you with a team of pallet experts ready to solve any issues at a moment's notice.

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