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Memphis has historically been one of the largest shipping hubs in the Mid-South, dating back to the Civil War, when the port was one of the largest on the Mississippi River. The city is home to the second-largest cargo airport in the world, Memphis International Airport, and the world’s busiest domestic airport. Memphis is also home to three Fortune 500 companies: FedEx, AutoZone and International Paper Co.

Wooden Pallets For Sale!

You might be wondering, 'Is there a place I can buy wood pallets at a good price that I can receive in a timely manner?' Don't waste your time searching through Craigslist for a couple of beat up pallets! Verde Trader is here to show you any available pallets of a good quantity and quality in your area, plus we can even send a truck to bring them to you with our team that is experienced in this industry and dedicated to serving your needs.

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In the event that you're sitting on a bunch of unwanted pallets and need to find a cost-efficient way of recycling them, Verde Trader is the place for you. We provide each of our clients with an experienced team dedicated to satisfying many of your needs. We provide shipping services for the pickup of your pallets, coordinate the logistics with prompt communication, and, best of all, we offer attractive prices due to our desire to build on our reputation and continue growing.

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