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    Fayetteville is a city in Cumberland County best known for being the home of Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army installation northwest of the city. Fort Bragg drives the economy of Fayetteville, generating billions of dollars each year. Fayetteville happens to be one of the best retail markets in the country as the city serves as the region's hub for shops, restaurants, services, lodging, health care, and entertainment.

    We Offer Used and Recycled Pallets!

    Is it frustrating to search Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for vendors who sell low quantities of beat up pallets? Verde Trader's team is committed to finding good pallets every day throughout the country. As a result of our scale and desire to maintain a positive reputation, we offer great prices while providing good communication and quick action to ensure that all of your needs are met as soon as possible.

    We Buy Used and Recycled Pallets!

    It may be the case that, instead of buying wood pallets, you're looking to dispose of them. Pallet disposal, pallet recycling, and pallet pick up services are all offered by Verde Trader. Don't waste your time paying a massive expense employing a disposal company that won't even pay for your pallets. We offer great prices based on years of experience managing hundreds of pallet deals all over the country.

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